✍️ Maverick Valuations Report #1 - USA: Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 ✍️
Dear all,

I just released my first Valuations Report covering the US Big 3 indices: Dow Jones, S&P 500 & Nasdaq 100.

  • What are the various likely use cases provided by this report & visual analytics?
Research for market leaders & laggards, likely un/warranted cheap or expensive stocks, peers analysis, stock screener, outliers, positive or negative momentum, relative strength, full equity research on single stocks & general market assessment. Check your stocks & also outliers in the scatterplots, it can get interesting & food for thought.

  • This report is unique, hence quite ‘Maverick-esque’ as I tried to find it done & served somewhere else (comfy, no?), be it by banks, overall media, or independent investment researchers like myself. Therefore, I decided to create it and plan to improve it as we move forward. Was willing to pay for a good regular service straight to my inbox, yet none, but if you find similar somewhere, please let me know.

  • Report is NOT behind a paywall & there are no pesky ads here. It would only be highly appreciated if you just spread the word around to people that might also be interested.

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Next steps, comparability in time with future editions. Moreover, on the side I will try to cover Canada & Europe as well ... depending on time, effort required and financial data ... cause data is the new oil ... .


Have a great week!

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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
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@toasty_trading welcome, feedback & questions highly welcome
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Great report right here! Fantastic work on this!



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