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Top-ranked ETF is $ITB
With all of the talk of recession and a slowdown in housing, it may come as a surprise that our top-ranked ETF is the iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF $ITB

Below is a snapshot of the overall score of the ETF and the top scoring stocks in the basket. Never be surprised at where stocks can go in the near-term. Many thought this group was left for dead.

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Below you'll see the inflows the past 6 months:

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Do you see value or a trap in this group?
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Any thoughts as to why its performed well despite negative chat around housing?

Retail piling in?
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@buyingyourtime I missed this!

My hunch is earnings trough is in and the bet is rates are coming down by EOY

If that’s the case, looser policy will stimulate demand.



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