Job Searching: Portfolio Manager Roles
After roughly 3 years in the HR world, I am actively pursuing my passions in the financial world. While I only have experience in financial services at a university, I am actively pursuing portfolio manager or portfolio manager associate positions. I have a MBA and 4+ years of experience in the stock market. My specialty is technical analysis, but I am very interested in learning modeling for clients. My passion is helping others find financial success through education and portfolio development. After some introspection, portfolio management seems to fit perfectly for all my interests.
If you have any connections or have any suggestions, feel free to reach out. My DMs are open as well.
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I found this website a while back too, its free for the initial SIE exam if you haven't already taken it.
I haven't taken the SIE exam yet so I might use this website for that.
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I am thinking of getting a series 65 as well to be able to trade family money and be compensated for it.
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@etfs If you wish to pursue it, Adbanker and examfx are good resources for study materials on the series 65.
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@investorinsight Thanks for the suggestion Preston, I like the 79.95 90 day package from Adbanker, called the silver plan. I also looked at they want 59.95/month. Not sure which I"m going to go with yet though.
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Couple questions for you:

1) Would it not make more sense to shoot for an analyst position first if you have never worked under a PM before?

2) Helping others find financial success through education and portfolio development - This sounds more aligned with a financial planner to me, is that a path you considered?
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  1. I do not mind being an analyst as long as it focuses on technical analysis and not fundamental research. I do not enjoy the deep dives, so working as a portfolio management associate would allow me to work directly with portfolio managers to get that experience. This experience would allow me to also build a clientele base which I would enjoy more than the research. I also am considering starting a fund at some point so getting that direct experience would be more applicable.
  1. I have considered becoming an investment advisor representative which is a financial planner that can provide advice/analysis for a fee. Ultimately, this would be a longer term goal, but I would like to build a strong foundation first. As a portfolio manager associate, it would allow me to be more hands on with clients and portfolio based than an analyst role. Longer term, I would definitely consider a CFP, but I think that would be a few years after getting experience.
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@investorinsight nice, best of luck 👍🏼💪🏼
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Best of luck with your journey Preston. Do you have any plans on taking additional qualifications to help propel/support your long term career in the financial world.

I was briefly considering taking the IMC exams so I wondered if there is a US equivalent.
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@joeyhirendernath Thanks, Joey. Yes, there are tons of series licenses that are very common within the financial industry. Right now, I am considering a series 65 which allows me to provide investing advice to clients. After that, I will most likely consider the series 7 and potentially the CFP if future growth requires it (which it most likely will).