$PLTR Hunting Season is Open!
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Scared of a recession, many companies are cutting costs dramatically and laying off massively.
> Palantir is doing exactly the opposite and hiring massively.
This short article is an update on the previous article (PLTR Against the Tide).
Palantir reached, according to LinkedIn numbers, 3.779 employees compared with 2.920 as of December 2021. That’s almost a 30% increase!

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From the same snapshot in July we can see that the speed of hiring is accelerating. From July, Palantir hired ~200 people, +5% of employees in just two months.

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Interestingly, Palantir has a Median tenure of 2.4-2.8 years. This puts Palantir among the companies with the best tenure among tech companies.

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As we mentioned before, the new hiring focuses mainly on:
  • Engineers;
  • Operations;
  • Business Development;
  • Sales.

From the chart below we can see Palantir keeps hiring a multitude of Senior profiles.

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How do you attract such high-standing employees?

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Always nice to see companies bucking the trend.