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ESG: Impossible Without Mining & Metals
'Demand for metals used in everything from wind-turbine blades to batteries will surge for decades to come. The adoption of low-carbon power generation “implies a permanent increase in demand for copper, nickel, cobalt, and lithium, and an eventual drop in the use of fossil fuels.'

Tier 1 nickel sulphide deposits are particularly hard to come by; I'm always on the hunt for more. Even though I am a lithium bull, I believe nickel will be the one to watch in the longer term.
I'm currently holding:
$HZM.TO (Brazil, nickel & cobalt sulphate + ferronickel)
$FPX.V (British Colombia, awaurite)
$NAN.V (halted)
$TLO.TO (Minnesota, sulphide - Tesla supply agreement)

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