Let's standardize Investor Relations websites
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"Is it too much to ask for publicly traded companies (some with billions upon billions in earnings each year) to have organized investor relation (IR) websites? I don’t think it is.

The SEC needs to drop its crypto investigations (just nuke the entire industry and get it over with already) and focus its efforts on the things that truly matter. I’m only partially kidding here.

Standardized IR pages would help serve companies by making communications with investors more efficient, the SEC by making it clear what is being communicated to investors and giving people access to SEC filings, and investors of all sizes by making it easier for them to access investor communications. It is a win for all stakeholders.

Here are five things all publicly traded companies should be required to have on their IR websites:

  • A table with the quarterly 10Q/10K, press release, and any other investor materials released that quarter organized by year. These should also go back as far in time as possible for each company.

  • A list of all filings with the SEC that you can organize by year or form type.

  • A (properly functioning) email list that lets you receive all investor communications directly to your inbox.

  • Transcripts of all conference calls or any other time an executive is speaking formally to the public.

  • A news section that organizes press releases into investor communications and business/product news.

And while we’re at it, let’s mandate that all conference calls with analysts be publicly available, recorded through modern video conferencing methods, and hosted in the same spot on an IR website. Enough with playing detective to find all these investor communications.

Apparently, a company called Q4 inc. is trying to bring this to reality. I have never heard of them but could be an interesting small-cap to study.

I should also mention our sponsor Stratosphere.io, a company that is trying to help investors of all sizes eliminate this kind of busy work."

What are some other things companies can do to improve their IR pages?
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Amen to the changes!
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@ifb_podcast Let's get the SEC mandating this stuff
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@ccm_brett totally agree! Where do we start??



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