Binance Commission Free Trading
$COIN should face more market share pressure from Binance. Today, Binance announced they will be offering commission-free trading soon.

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The crypto space is evolving! image

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How will they make money if they remove commissions?
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@darthtrader spreads and routing trades like $HOOD would be my guess.
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'Commission free' just tells me you'll get a worse order fill. No such thing as free lunches!
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Yeah, I actually prefer Binance over $COIN for their decent limit orders or just do a trade on a DEX.
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Such a stupid idea. It was bound to happen but I think he's getting rid of it to entice more trading volume
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@paulcerro should hurt entire industry
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I am also seeing some brokerages that primarily support equities offer crypto support (no commissions) too.
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I’m not convinced this will hurt $COIN much. $COIN is the trusted and easy to use brand.
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@fatbaby binance has a higher market share
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@youngmoneycapital they dominate outside of US but FTX and $COIN have much larger in US
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$HOOD already offered commission-free crypto trading first
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I think Binance had to do it, since people started rotating to safer more regulated brokers such as $COIN, because of so many problems with other brokers...