Thoughts on Blockfi
This memo is mostly directed at my little brother Joshua:

Blockfi lets you deposit crypto and earn monthly interest payments. I have been using their service to earn 6% on my bitcoin deposit since April.

Such a high rate of return isn't without tradeoffs- Blockfi is a centralized service, and therefore a target for hackers. In May a Blockfi employee fell prey to a SIM card swap exploit which allowed attackers to view information such as names, addresses, date of birth and activity history of Blockfi users. No funds were lost, but its a good reminder that if you don't hold your private keys, then your bitcoin isn't ultimately under your control.

Personally, I feel comfortable putting a small amount that I could afford to lose into a 6% interest account with Blockfi. I decided to move some money I had in a Marcus account (by Goldman Sachs) over to Blockfi. Marcus is currently paying 1.05% interest. If you are comfortable holding Bitcoin, and are ok with having some of it sitting on a centralized exchange like Coinbase, why not put it to work and move it to Blockfi?

Here is my referral code, however, you should check to see their current promotions, because sometimes they have more attractive on-boarding offers than the friend referral codes :
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