What you didn't buy
As we are starting the new year, what stock are you happy you didn't buy? We are always happy to talk about our good calls, but what are the things, you can look back at now and say, "Thank goodness, I didn't get into that?"

2022 ended with a lot of red, but some were worse than others. Right now, my stock is $ZI. Right now, they are down almost 60% over the last year. They are also down almost 40% from their IPO.

With marketing always being the first thing cut in a downturn, not many people are going to be trying to use their services. They do have an interesting product in how they are going to get information on customers, then bring them into clients, but this just isn't their time.
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$SUBZ - looked like an interesting way to play all of the major streaming services. Now, is defunct.
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For me, I am glad that I stayed away from $RVLV, $MTCH and $LMND.
Lemonade Inc (LMND)

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Everything that I wanted to buy since Q2 2021. The things I did buy then where overvalued. The things I waited on look much better today. $TREX sold for PE> 60 then. But looks great now at 25 x earnings.
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@rpinvestments Thoughts on $TREX's recent sale of its commercial arm?
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@tomato I don’t like it. I considered commercial decking a future growth area
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Somewhat contrarily, I'm wary of celebrating passing over a stock because I believe that our biggest losers are the ones that got away from us. NOT the ones that go to $0. In a 10 stock portfolio, I'd be happy to take 5 bad losers, a handful of mediocre/moderate performers near the middle of the pack, and 1 10-bagger that I added to on the way up. :) Having said all that: I'm pretty glad I never bought $PTON. I considered it multiple times and several smart people I like here on Commonstock and elsewhere made convincing arguments but I just couldn't get behind that one.
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I agree with you on missing out on certain stocks. What you could be happy about missing, one day could skyrocket. However, if it you get in and it goes down so much, it can become dead money. I had $PTON and just got out. I think I ended up being down over 90%, it was a small position to start with, but I just didn't see a point in letting it stay open. It would've taken years for it to be a win.
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This is a fun exercise, because I could have thousands of stocks I am glad I didn't buy last year. But filtering down to the ones I was considering buying...

I didn't really buy that many new positions last year. The largest was Greggs, and my repurchase of Starbucks.

Things I am glad I sold (because they fell A LOT more), include Redfin, PLBY Group.
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I don't know if I'm happy I didn't buy Snowflake, but I'm not mad yet either. I've been watching it since IPO but last year didn't feel like the time to buy yet.



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