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My week at a glance 8/18/23
Another week has gone by and left us in the red. But all great investors know that what goes up must come down. Tech has lost pretty big the last few weeks, which has hurt a lot of my portfolio. Not everything has been bad though. Since it’s Friday let’s run through what I’ve done this week.


$SAVE rally on Thursday

Save had a big rally yesterday and it helped prop up some of my losses this week. While it did have a slight pullback today, it’s still up almost 4% for the week.

Yieldmax finale

This week I finishing dollar cost averaging into all of my yieldmax plays. Now we just get to let them ride and see where it takes me. On Monday I got my first dividend from these plays and it net me a big bonus that I got to reinvest. I’m cautiously optimistic on these plays and wanna wait at least 3-6 months before reevaluating.

More $VOO

Just today I put a little more money into voo to hopefully buy the “dip”. I’m not sure how much lower it’s gonna go but I’m comfortable getting more at the 400 mark.

Level 3 options

Yesterday I finally got the call back from Robinhood and passed the interview for level 3 options. The interview was actually pretty tough but we got through it and are moving forward with my option plays. Not sure if Commonstock can recognize spreads, but my spread I opened today hasn’t shown up. I opened a $HTGC credit call spread at $16 and $17 expiring 9/15. You may recognize $HTGC from a few weeks ago when I sold for 35% profit over 4 months. Its charts aren’t looking too hot so let’s see if we can predict a down turn for Hercules.

That’s all for this week. Pretty quiet week of trading for me due to just starting college classes. I’ll see you all next week 🫡
Will $voo and $qqq keep dropping into September

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