"The Market" Stock Pitching Game is Tomorrow! (Thursday 7/8)
Every month we do a check-in to see how past pitches at "The Market" game are performing. Congratulations to Yonathan @y4l.investing for the best pitch (so far) from last month's game.
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Yonathan's pick of Core Molding Technologies had already been up 10x over the past year at the time he pitched it, and it has gone up another 23% since last month. You can watch the replay of Yonathan's pitch here.

To see the most recent update tracking of all the past "Market" games, you can join the group chat channel on Commonstock here.

Tomorrow's game is extra special because it is the first time we have a theme! That theme will be 'crypto', and we have an amazing group of pitchers:

Kyla Scanlon, OnDeck Investment partner @kyla
Jay Schlesinger, Berkley Economics undergrad @jays
David Hoffman, Bankless podcast @trustlessstate
Amit Gupta, Partner at Big 6 Consulting @amit
Igli Laci, Equity Breakdown @equitybreakdown
Gannon Breslin, Rebel Markets @gannon

Zoom link to attend tomorrow's game at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST:
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Here's the bracket for the game tomorrow:
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Can you guess what crypto assets people will be pitching?

They can be crypto related companies or crypto assets.
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Also, big thanks to the great pitchers who came out last month!

Rihard Jarc @rihardjarc
Jon Medearis @jonmedearis
Paul Essen @pessen
Kiran @coin
Amit Gupta @amit
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Wait Nathan today?? I’ve been away, had to quit notifications
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Yep! Today at 8:30pm EST! Would love to see you there!
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Plan to be! So glad I saw it
Also I try to never miss Kyla⭐️ 😊