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Buy and hold or getting scared out of the money?
Are you planning on selling stocks at the open?
26 VotesPoll ended on: 3/13/2023
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Isn't there a distinct possibility that this is medium-long term bullish for the stock market? The value of bonds - where banks store money - is inversely correlated to interest rates. There are hundreds of billions + of dollars held in "hold-to-maturity" accounts which are heavily under water right now. IF this turns into any sort of financial scare it could easily tighten lending (deflationary) and cause the Fed to think twice about increasing interest rates - which further debases the value of bonds held as collateral. Stonks follow rates more than the economy (or so it has seemed, especially recently). I won't be doing anything because as a rule I never do anything based on macro/news/etc - but it seems like even if we have a brief painful period this is net positive for stocks generally speaking.
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@01core_ben GS seems to be of the same thinking re interest rates
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@investmenttalk not even an itsy bitsy smidge?
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@01core_ben zero percent chance from me. Buy and hold always wins. Always. You just have to have discipline and not panic sell. Selling Monday morning would be panic selling to the nth degree.
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@interrobangbros It's the only thing that fits my personality. Buy right, hold long. I tried to game macro years ago, and I'm supremely confident in my inability to do so effectively. It's a relief to not have to worry about anything that's going on wrt my portfolio, lol :)
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Macro is always just short-term noise for the long-term investor.
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Happy to see 0% yes at the time I voted 👍
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No reason to sell anything
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I clicked on Yes when I thought the question was whether buy and hold investors were getting scared out of the money!

I have no intention to sell at all
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@consumeowntech And you would have been right as well ;)
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@consumeowntech That's a relief! I was gonna ask who clicked on "yes" and suggest some deep breathing :)



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