Do you respect someone more if they manage more assets?

For example,

Person A manages 100k in assets with a return of 6% annually.
Person B manages 200k in assets with a return of 6% annually.

Does person B have more respect and you put more value to their opinion than person A?

Let me know in the poll below. I would also love to hear your comments on why you chose what you did.
Do you respect Person B more than Person A?
21 VotesPoll ended on: 05/12/22
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No, but if Person A had several millions, or a fund, or $1B then probably.

I, for example, manage $7.23 and am world-renowned and respected.
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I’ll soon go from 200K to 100K if this markets keep going lower 😅
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Really good question—

I lean towards ‘No’ but I voted ‘Other’ because there’s lots of nuance here.

The difference between $100k and $200k doesn’t change the opportunities available. If you’re managing billions of dollars, you have less of an ability to invest in smaller companies, and so you might rationalize smaller returns are ok because the dollar amount is still so large.

I don’t respect person B more just because they have more money. But it does matter how they came about that money. Did they have higher returns previously? Or were they just given the money?
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Voted "No"

I respect them both equally. If the returns were significantly different from each other my answer still wouldn't change. I'd still respect them both equally but I'd value the opinion of the individual with the better annual return more.