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Altria $MO Earnings
Altria $MO is reporting earnings Thursday, 7/28.

JUUL? Regulation? Poda? $BUD stake?

I'm more interested in volumes, pricing, mix shift, and retail share.

Whatever keeps this trend looking pretty:

If you're interested in Altria $MO and the US tobacco market with respect to regulation, you'll find a comprehensive look here:
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Their decades of performance is impressive, given the uphill battle they’ve climbed. I smoked for years, so wanted to hold $MO to get some of my damned money back after I finally quit. I eventually sold, but only because my investing philosophy changed when I realized I could outperform my prior dividend method that had included Altria.
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@wall_street_deebo Altria's total return has certainly been less impressive the last few years. I still think the industry is set to do reasonably well, and I can't see myself not having exposure to it.
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Milking a dying market takes skill. These guys are the best.