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$99.6m follower assets
Wonder when they’ll figure it out…
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Ahh, Musk and Cuban are their Messiah’s; so probably never. When I first heard about crypto and that Cuban was accepting it and Musk was behind it, I thought there was something to it. Only took 10 minutes to see they’re all full of shit. Not sure what’s taking the rest of them clowns so long. All the speculators I work with are like, “when my Shiba & Doge go back up I’m selling it back”🤣🤣waiting on their 80,000,000%🤷‍♂️.
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My conspiracy theory 🤓: Market makers spooking the retail investors in the crypto market to buy them in dips (Hint: Fidelity initiated crypto exposure in 401k. Potential end of year rollout)
I see Bitcoin ETF already rolled out in Acorns.