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PayPal Customer Support HELL
Another day in the PayPal customer support circle of disasters..

This week I've opened a PayPal business account, I've set everything up nicely and the only thing missing was the code you get from them in your bank account (the $0.01 deposit).

So I wait a day, no problem.

The next day I get the code, great! This is where it all goes to sht.

I try to log in. It doesn't work. It tells me "We're sorry, we can't log you in. Contact customer service for more help, or try logging in again."

I found this strange because the day before everything worked fine and I even had 2FA on.

Ok, I contact support through my other account because that's the only way you can reach them. Obviously, they won't help because of security reasons (me not being on the account in question) so they give me an email so I could send my issue.

Fine.. let's do that.

Today, I get an email saying that they have answered my email...

Do you want to know where?

I can't understand for the life of me what kind of a troll is working for PayPal's support department..

So now, I am locked out of my Business Account, with a message waiting for me there that might or might not solve the issue.

Awesome work $PYPL

  • UPDATE: I'm finally in! What was the issue? I had activated 2FA TOO EARLY... ffs
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I recently started a PYPL business account for invoices and it was annoying at first too. Thankfully its only for invoices though, nothing more.
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@investmenttalk Thankfully I opened a Transferwise account as well and that works perfectly.

Just spend 10min on the phone with PayPal talking to a bot... they can keep that account locked