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Blake Jorgensen will step down from his “position” as CFO of $PYPL . Never actually took that role and Gabrielle Rabinovitch will continue to act as CFO.
Not get why he will continue as Senior Advisor to the board until September with compensation unchanged when he actually didn’t serve $PYPL . Legal issues maybe?
To be honest Gabrielle seems to be the right person for the position anyway.
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Kind of a non news piece for people who follow the company. If you don’t follow it might make you be like damn ceo and cfo leaving this year. Blake took time off for personal reasons which is why he’s stepping down obviously and Gabrielle has done a fine job. Must be a contract thing or something to do with that for him having to stay as senior adviser to the board
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@christian7621 totally. Not that shocking if you follow the company. It was actually for medical reasons but given that he will serve as Senior Advisor possibly he is ok now.

And agree on Gabrielle. Cost savings, further cost savings while at the same time she did not provide any aggressive forecasts to date just to “satisfy” investors.
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It's probably because being a CFO is more stressful and requires more hours of work than being a senior advisor. At the end of the day, both titles pay high salaries but the advisor works fewer hours.
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@dissectmarkets Do you think that this is somehow related to the medical reasons of his leave as well?



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