Prep for the upcoming week?
How do you guys prep on the weekend for your trades?
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This reddit forum is an excellent place to learn how to day trade/swing trade stocks.....
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I never prep as I decide about a minute before each trade.
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@almighty188 lol is this effective?
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Not much prep for me since right now I am only opening 1 new trade per week. My prep is finding my 1 new trade to open over the weekend via my TC2000 scanner, doesn't take much time since I am a purely technical trader, (chart is most important thing).
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@etfs I see! I like the setup. Why only 1 trade and what scanner is that? Did you make it or purchase it.
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@jdub only 1 new open trade per week to avoid correlating trades (most stocks move with the market) because I am not sure the bear market is over yet. I purchased a subscription to , the gold plan, since it is the least expensive plan that includes scanning . I found my scanning criteria for it from this reddit user , its a day trading criteria scan but I use it for swing trading as well. I am going to try day trading soon with the aim of turning the trades into swing trades, i.e. only entering etfs on the 5m chart near the stock market open that look good for a longer term swing trade.
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I do zero work on weekends
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@investmenttalk when do you setup everything?