Checking things out
What is everyone favorite stock right now?
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Multiple monopolies. And with search, ads are the reason users go there, not something interrupting a show or pictures of friends. And now that management is more focused on increasing shareholder value and not throwing net income at other bets. IMO google will have largest market cap in 2030
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I'm eagerly watching the Ethereum merge to see whether the 'triple halvening' thesis plays out. Not a stock but "ticker" is $ETH.X
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list them all here in the comments!
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I’m a fan of $DOW right now. Trading at a discount with tons of free cash and like 200% dividend coverage.
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Right now I am looking to grow my position in $O as one of the pillars of my dividend portfolio. Monthly dividends, with a yield of 4.28% and a relatively sound history of paying without faulting for 625 months.
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No favourites, I hate all my stock equally :)