Uber Cannibals
During his Q&A session at the Asian Institute of Technology , Mohnish Prabai talks about screening for “Uber Cannibals” in your quest for finding compounders
Uber Cannibals are companies that are aggressively buying back their shares
He uses NVR as an exampleimage
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$NVR is one of my favorites, I didn't know Mohnish ever talked about them.

$LOW, $EBAY, and $TPL are also strong share cannibals. Done right, they can be a compelling way to spike returns.
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@joryko can’t wait for high mortgage rates to give me a once in a decade $NVR sale.

Also $HD, $ODFL, $POOL and $ORLY as consistent share count reducers
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@joryko You should check out his recent talk at Boston College on his YouTube channel, you won’t regret it
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@rpinvestments all great names, forgot about ORLY, too.
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@findingcompounders Absolutely will do - - 🙏 Thank you
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I like $SFM $ALLY and $TXN as candidates this decade. Also, Swedish Match was a great cannibal but RIP getting bought out by Phillip Morris International