Decided to bail on $INTC due to the dramatic dividend cut for a 10% loss. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to invest next, so I put the money in $TSM as a placeholder. $TSM seems like a great investment opportunity, it just doesn’t fit my normal criteria.
Right now I can get a 6mo CD for 4.9% from Fidelity ( Instead, I’m hoping for a return from $TSM greater than that amount (closed around 86.83 so 4.9% increase would be about 91.05).
Do you think $TSM will have a greater return than the 6mo CD rate at 4.9%? The polling option could only go out one month and not six, so best predictions appreciated!
Validated to: Yes
$TSM will be over $91.05/share on 3/24/2023
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That dividend cut was long overdue and one of the smartest moves Intel's executive team has made in recent years in my opinion.
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@averageinvestor what is your normal criteria ? It would be helpful to have that for context
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@joeyhirendernath for dividend stocks I typically look for a yield of 4% or higher along with a healthy balance sheet and a history of consistent returns. Taken together those factors have beaten inflation historically.



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