$NFLX revenue keeps growing and net income basically doubled in the past year showing a company that is becoming more profitable year after year.

ROIC in 2021 was 46% which means management know-how to reinvest for profit. FCF is trending in the right direction. The balance sheet is not exceptional but very decent. It's the only streaming platform with truly international reach.

I'm very bullish on Netflix at this price. It is now 10% of my portfolio. Big position.
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When they solve the password sharing problem that should add substantial to their revenue, as it is a big problem for them right now.
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@rihardjarc, a reasonably priced package for account sharing should do the trick
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@astroncapital or maybe an ad free model and let people decide what they want to do. Can’t imagine if they have a free ad mode that people would churn. You never known when the next Squid Game is gonna air.
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Why does this have a crypto tag haha?
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@investmenttalk just fixed it:) by mistake
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@astroncapital, would you bring your allocation even higher than 10%? I ask because earlier today you posted that you'd continue averaging into your position should the price fall further.
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@tomato I usually max at 10% but I’m willing to push this one to 15%
I expect a wild ride but I have strong conviction on the company