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My April Returns Are In!... And They're Not Great.
Thank God I'm a buy-and-hold investor whose horizon is 20+years!

My retirement brokerage, which is ~92% of all my equity/crypto investments, trailed all three benchmarks I use ($SPY, $QQQ, and $VTI) but, honestly, not as badly as I thought.

YTD is a tad bit worse.

My taxable brokerage, which is is heavy in early stage medtech companies and much smaller and thus more prone to return swings, is also held up surprisingly well.

YTD on the taxable is a bit worse than Retirement.

Regardless, I keep buying when I can and looking to the future when we can look back to this time period and go, "Man, those were cheap prices. I wish I had bought more!"
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Thanks for sharing! Do you actively manage your retirement account?
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@scorebdinvestor I do. I've been actively managing it since ~2014.
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Appreciate the transparency Steve.

Agree with you 100% in that when we look back we're all going to wish we had bought more.

The time horizon is what makes all the difference !