$ADBE x Figma
The whole $ADBE x Figma "drama" in retail finance community just confirms to me that many are still obsessed with finding the next big thing instead of doing their homework on companies they own. As a matter of fact, if they would've listened, they wouldn't actually be surprised by this M&A. Been there done that, but I learned my lesson. Some still didn't.

Take a listen to this short interview with Shantanu Narayen, $ADBE CEO from May where he talked about M&As and this macro environment. Very strong statements, and I do believe the management plays the long-term game here and knows what they are doing with the Figma acquisition. Strange to me how nobody really listened to Shantanu when he said these things yet now everybody's out on fences :)

FWIW, I tried to inform my community with a few snippets from the interview on Twitter, right in May, so I paid close attention to what was likely brewing.

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I said this is another post somewhere, but was amazed to see how many people came out of the woodwork to have an opinion on this deal, despite never having seen them talk about either company before.