Hey Commonstock, I have yet another suggestion
I might be crazy but I am coming up with so so many suggestions. My suggestion this time around is on improvement on annotated charts. While current chart is great, I think it would be more informative if we could show the relative size of trade being represented by the relative size of dots.

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I like it! Just make the circles larger or smaller showing the weight of purchase or sale
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@strib yep, feel free to upvote in Canny.io as well ;)
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Ooh yeah I like this graphs on the Ted Talks with the larger & smaller circles. Keep them developers busy🤣
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@wall_street_deebo I know right, exciting as always ;) I love 'em too haha
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Ooh interesting idea, thanks for the feedback @investor_from_nepal
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@olympia always here with crazy ideas to help you out ;)
also, thanks for upvoting in Canny.io