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$45.4m follower assets
Since $ADBE is down $20B+ today, you’re telling me I can buy $ADBE right now and get Figma for free?
🚨(this is a joke)🚨
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Down 15% and I snatched up more of it. I don’t care what’s going on🤷‍♂️-15% is irrational.
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@wall_street_deebo earnings weren’t bad either so definitely shouldn’t have been down that much. But paying that much in this environment it’s gonna get killed but I do love the acquisition and it makes sense obviously for Adobe
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@josh would be great to have your take on the acquisition.
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Customers may take an L
$ADBE and Figma may have taken a W

Either way, time will tell!
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Shut up and take my 💰