Other EV makers dealing with huge demand, but what about Tesla?
While other automakers struggle to ramp up production, $TSLA CEO Elon Musk says that his factories are "gigantic money furnaces".

It's unusual for an automaker to say this as demand for electric vehicles is surging. Tesla has built more factories and yet it seems like it has more production capacity than demand.

While $RIVN $LCID $F $GM and other automakers producing electric vehicles seem to need to build more factories to meet the demand, $TSLA is seeing that it needs to scale back operations.

The competition looks to be beating Tesla.

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Was just a matter of time that Tesla would face serious competition
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$F and $GM will have the most upside as they start taking marketshare
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Giant money furnaces seem like a bold investmentimage

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Polestar hopefully getting into the mix today, looking forward to seeing what they bring to the party.

Big advert during the Superbowl taking a pop at $TSLA and $VWAGY and featuring prominently at Goodwood festival of speed in the UK this week.

I’m already in and bullish, Polestar is majority owned by Volvo which is owned by Geely, giving it access to Europe and Chinese markets…what’s not to like?
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$PSNY nice start considering current market conditions - I’m up 25% for the day….I know this is totally irrelevant for the long run, it just made me happy 😃
Long Polestar😎