Unity is my biggest holding
I added around 20% more to my original holding. I still have 20% more to add. This make Unity my biggest individual stock holding.
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I don’t know enough to say whether I agree with your conviction. What I can say is that the work you put in to come to your conclusion was thought and and meticulous, and that has my respect!
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@strat Thanks my man! Hopefully it pays off πŸ˜‡
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As a gamer, the recent dip caught my attention.
Seems like a great time to buy.
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@seasnar yeah, price is very good, but there are few concerns.
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Appreciate the consistent conviction!
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@jensen thanks my man, but there has been many times where i was questioning my conviction
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$U strikes my interest because of the engine and less about the ads part. Feels like the ads right now are just the low hanging fruit. Although curious what your thoughts are when comparing $U engine and Epic Games engine.
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@rihardjarc engine wise both are equally good with different business model (which caters for different demographics). It being #1 interactive content creation tool/platform is a part of my thesis.

Ads business if done correctly, and with the amount of data they can collect (3B users) it can come handy - especially when Google enforces privacy changes.