My Portfolio
Have pondered for a while whether it would ever be sensible to share my portfolio online. In the end, the value from potential discussions and disagreements will probably be quite high so have decided to go for it.

It's a continuous WIP and I'm excited to continue improving it by finding great businesses at good prices. Breakdown below 👇🏽

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Also sharing a list of companies that are in my investable universe but haven't bought yet, as well as companies I'm currently researching or that are in my next-to-research list 👇🏽

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I expand a bit more on my portfolio in my latest Substack post:
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This is excellent work Luis !
You have excellent global spread with index funds SWDA and IWQU and you have your active manager bet with PSH.
I love how you don't have a direct holding in Apple given it's a 41% position in Berkshire Hathaway and the largest positions in both SWDA and IWQU.
I've seen plenty of portfolios where there's what I consider to be a bit of a double up in Apple.
When we look at the composition of other people's portfolios, there are definite telltale signs which era the investor started building out their portfolios.
Most portfolios of the last 10 years have a bias weighting towards tech. If you look at ours and exclude our massive allocation to index fund VTI, we're still heavily weighted towards staples like KO, JNJ, MCD. DIS, MKC and WM.
It will be interesting to see if you add any of these types of staple businesses to your portfolio given that you've listed plenty of them in your "to research" list. Without looking at current valuations (and not a current recommendation), I'm always partial to MKC. I just can't imagine a world without spices and condiments, and MKC is the dominant global player. This is one stock I've always been comfortable holding through any challenging times to the point where I don't actually monitor it much anymore. It's one of my very few set and forget stocks.
Keep up the great work !
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@jazziyoung thanks! Good spot, not holding AAPL is definitely deliberate given BRK + indexing give me the exposure already!

100%, the staples sector is filled with great businesses that I’ve been keeping an eye on. Their abscence is merely a factor of me not having done the research yet. The trick will be to figure out valuations knowing that the greatest businesses rarely trade at discounts.

Agree on MKC! Resilient and consistent! Need to get the work done asap!
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Great portfolio, I especially love the To research list. Many gems in there ( I own a few)!
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@stonkmetal thanks! Yeah, an extensive list as well. Prioritizing what to research is an interesting exercise. Which ones do you own (if you don’t mind sharing)?
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Great portfolio. You found the right place to share/discuss your portfolio.

How do you feel about $BABA moving forward?

Also I like how you’re going to look into $FICO since you deem $MCO investable.
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Regarding $BABA, I feel quite well. Considering what China is going through at the macro level their performance has been solid, they’ve been aggressive with repurchases, and they’re progressing nicely with cost controls. Cloud re-acceleration remains the biggest ? Imo. On a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, I see it as a very low probability event. Possible, but not my base case by any means.

I know little about $FICO’s biz model besides they’re a key part in producing credit scores. Looks like a defensible competitive position at first glance!