Useful free fundamentals charting resource - Business Quant
Sharing this new resource I stumbled across from a newsletter. Free resources allow you to quickly pull up fundamentals comparison in Microsoft BI. Similar to Midgard finance, another great tool.

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Can’t wait to check that out! Always looking for free resources to share with those who started where I did; $0.
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Here is a similar comparison between my SaaS portfolio and some of my watchlist excluding all companies with the highest price to sales ratios. Hubspot is probably the gold standard of the group in terms of valuation versus a nice growth profile. RingCentral seems to be topping out for a potential "New Relic like" consolidation period. ZoomInfo, Asana, and Samsara seem to be the notable smaller hockey sticks.

inspired from this chart to take another look at $ZI, which I don't know well. Their valuation is quite extreme for this list, unfortunately.

Important to have context of situation, moat/competitors etc. when looking at this, but helpful at a glance.
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@johnnysharp Let's see how things compare on the consumer side using $HUBS as a yardstick. First thing that sticks out -> wow, $FTCH has a surprisingly similar growth profile. My gut tells me we are seeing deeper discounts and values in this bear market over on the consumer side.
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@johnnysharp Let's throw in the big boys for good measure. $GOOGL $MSFT $AMZN $AAPL
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Pretty dope, what is the main difference to something like Koyfin?
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@investmenttalk this is definitely more for one off niche analysis vs Koyfin has a modular dashboard approach.