Incredible Steps Forward in My Community: Proud Mentor Moment
Seeing my community learn patience is one of the most rewarding things.

As their mentor, I do not teach them to DCA. Some people utilize this strategy and do well, but for me, as a technical analyst, I often wait for bottoming patterns to form.

Many of them are coaching others stating "wait until they base and reverse" before buying the dips.

I have been pounding the table on cash is king right now and waiting for bases to form before ever entering a position.

Loving the growth of my community.
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Where is this community, or do you mean broadly?
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@reasonableyield I stream on Twitch twice a week that has built a community via Discord. If you are interested in hanging out, I can DM you the twitch link or discord invite.

Everything is completely free.
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@investorinsight If anyone is interested - I stream twice a week at It is a 2 day combination between Monday - Wednesday at 9PM EST.

I will be live tonight at 9pm EST.
Great and very educational streams.