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I’m a $PTON bag holder, but this was the worst quarter yet.

Losing money on connected fitness (on gm$!)

Sitting on tons of inventory:

Burning cash and described as “thinly capitalized”.

This isn’t Barry’s mess (you can’t change trajectory in a month), but he’s gonna have his hands full.
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The opportunity cost of holding this heavy bag on its downturn has been sizable. A shame as a believer in the company…does an acquisition make sense as a possible way to change trajectory of the brand? The demise happening faster than warranted imo
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@jensen Even if they're acquired (and we've batted around the scenario/what companies might do so a bunch here on Commonstock) at what kind of premium would it be?
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@tomato not enough, lol. But could salvage the product
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I feel for the guy... He's probably trying to fix it up as good as he can and then sell it