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Recent Trades
Some updates on a few positions I added to recently.

$MDB - Lots of chatter about slowing Atlas growth but this isn't really a concern of mine. MongoDB is still the leading NoSQL database - that hasn't changed. Database-as-a-service is an interesting model that (I believe) will continue to gain popularity as more and more applications move to the cloud.

$SNOW - The more I research and learn about this company, the more I love it. And the beauty of the consumption model with a data analytics provider is that customer spend can quickly balloon as more users are brought on and realize the power of the platform. Despite the high price tag, I'm continuing to add.

$CRWD - Endpoint security is a mission-critical expenditure, even in this type of environment. Zscaler results also seem to indicate companies are not cutting spending on cybersecurity. Crowdstrike continues to execute and the growing adoption of new modules suggests that customers see the immense value its products provide. This is quickly becoming a top conviction company.

After $ZS report, I will probably end up adding to that as well, but cash position is starting to dwindle a bit as I dip into it to fund some house projects.

$CRWD, $SNOW and $TTD (no adding because position is already fairly large) are my three highest conviction holdings at this point. All of these companies are proving that they are capable of navigating difficult economic positions. No surprise that they have grown to be my largest positions.
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100% agree with your convictions - you are onto it.
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I love this post! I own all of these, except $ZS. And $TTD is my largest position at the moment. I like that you're taking the long view on NoSQL and the cloud trend.