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$18.5m follower assets
Epsilon Net $EPSIL.AT 9M '22 results
  • Revenue +60% (55% organic)
  • EBITDA +75%
  • EBIT +90%
  • EBIT-Margin of 24 % (vs. 20%)
  • EBT +269%
  • # of active customers >125k
  • Partnership with NBG will lead to the creation of a unique for Greek standarts „technological ecosystem“

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Integrated services through the partnership:
  • automation of transactions
  • execution of payments and money transfers
  • acceptance of payments through multiple electronic methods
  • speeding up the procedures for assessing lending requests
  • simplification of rolling procedures
  • utilitzation of B2B systems and customer loyalty
  • microfinance of suppliers and customers
  • comprehensive information
  • utilization of e-wallet systems

The partnership will enable Epsilon net to:

  • leverage and utilize the existing clientele of both
  • attract new customers
  • creation of new revenue lines, „on top“ in the existing revenue categories of Business software products

The strategic cooperation lays the foundation for the detailed planning of the new development cycle in Greece and abroad for 2023-2025.

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