Palantir - $PLTR Foundry's 3 Pillars: Turning Data into Competitive Advantage
A post on how foundry builds a competitive advantage for both #palantir and their customers.

#Palantir is focused on delivering Exceptional Enterprise Software for businesses to run their daily operations, gain insights from their operations and develop a meaningful competitive advantage by harnessing the power of Data and execution.
What is Foundry?

Foundry helps businesses transform their operations by creating an abstraction/operating system for their data. It helps users easily integrate all their data in one spot quickly and visualize that data in the form of data pipelines.

The following Image breaks down Foundry into 3 pillars:
  • Data & Ontology
  • Digital Twin & Modeling
  • Operations & Actions

Data & Ontology

Foundry makes the marginal cost of data integration effectively zero by automating the creation of data pipelines and ontology.

The users can quickly get started and finish data integration within a few hours and can build extremely useful and powerful low-code applications on this data within a few days. This reduces the operational burden and expense of doing incredibly expensive data projects down to 0.

This powers an important competitive advantage for Palantir too, the speed with which users can experiment and test new ideas is what makes Palantir's software sticky and is a core part of their moat(enhances switching costs).

In Foundry by creating software-defined data integration, where essentially the software is writing the data pipelines, it’s not people, Palantir's Foundry was able to radically transform the pace at which the above question was answered during COVID.

Digital Twin & Modeling

Foundry builds a digital twin for businesses and enables them to assess the impacts of various opportunities and threats on their business and create models and test(simulate) them easily.
This enables businesses who use Foundry to be always a step ahead of their competition by enabling them to make better decisions, fewer mistakes, achieve operational excellence, and allows them to survive and endure longer than others.

Businesses using foundry will rapidly capitalize on upcoming and current opportunities and grab a huge market share in a short span of time. When faced with business destroying threats like COVID etc. they will be in a better place to endure and survive and come back strong.

This powers an important competitive advantage for Palantir too, if Palantir's customers can endure and be more resilient in their operations, that means Palantir will also be guaranteed success for a long time with their sticky software.

Operations & Actions

Foundry makes the marginal cost of data-driven software/application development effectively zero by automating & removing the pain of the creation of applications using their low code development tools.

All the data integration we do is really useful only if we use it to power operational insights and decisions and not valuable without it. Importantly, it's applications, not dashboards.
This is not read-only insight into some data assets. It's actually about making decisions, making decisions as a blue-collar worker.

Palantir benefits from this as users can quickly develop and modify applications as needed without having any business downtime, which increases switching costs for users.

Foundry creates a connection between the data scientists and the front line and translating that to action.

If you go to any Chrysler factory in North America, you'll find a Foundry on the factory floor used by every single team leader on the assembly line to make quality decisions in real-time. - Shyam, Palantir COO

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