Big! $MRNA - Moderna Receives FDA Authorization for Emergency Use of Its COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 6 Months of Age and Older

Trading at 4 P/E is ridiculous.

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It depends how you see that. The below is extracted from Seeking Alpha and possibly the low multiple is justified by the expected future EPS beyond 2022 (which are not that impressive). Not only this but the vast majority of revenues comes from COVID-19 vaccines.


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@stockopine my perspective is that analysts are underestimating the earnings potential of their vaccines, let alone their huge portfolio and cash on balance sheet they could invest in r & d
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@growthinvesting clear. You effectively estimate that they will capitalize on the mRNA vaccines quicker (or at a larger scale) than what the analysts anticipate given that they also have the financial resources. Correct?
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@stockopine yes, they have gained a lot of wisdom through the acceleration of development of COVID vaccine.

This means their platform is ready for disruption and their chances of success with their pipeline goes higher.

And with $20B of cash, you can literally build any dream!
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$MRNA is currently towards the top of my list to add in my next round of birthday buys. Like hearing news like this, but will interesting to see how they do as Covid continues to subside (hopefully 🤞🏻)
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Read this:

I had listened one of the pods about moderna. They supposedly have the fastest mRNA platform that can be used for wide variety of concoctions. They used the funding they got during pandemic to build the infrastructure for faster output.

"The biotech has 46 programs in development in a variety of areas. Outside of the coronavirus program, three candidates are in phase 3 trials: vaccine candidates for respiratory syncytial virus, cytomegalovirus, and the flu. And, thanks to its coronavirus vaccine, Moderna has $19.3 billion in cash to support the development of these programs. All of this means Moderna may not have to depend uniquely on its coronavirus vaccine for revenue for very long."
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@abilash thank you for sharing, my thesis is pretty similar, buy the vaccine, get the platform for free