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Dropbox back to IPO price… 4 years later $DBX
Dropbox IPO’d in March 2018, going public at $21 per share and opening at $29. It now trades at ~$21.25 four years later.

I have no position in Dropbox $DBX

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What’s the moat though?
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@from100kto1m I don’t know if they have one, plenty of competitors in the space. I don’t follow the stock. I’m assuming now they only way they can benefit shareholders is through share buy backs
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@moneyshark I seen on twitter some one writes that they are indeed aggressively buying back don’t know if true
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@from100kto1m I’ve seen that too… I’d rather just hold $GOOG to be honest 😂
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I haven’t really followed them much (or even used their app in a while). Are they growing?
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The FED printing trillions since the GFC has ruined the whole system and these companies share price declining is just the tip of the iceberg... many zombie companies should have died between 2008 and now but didn't thanks to cheap debt
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@goldenlacllc Not saying Dropbox should've gone bankrupt but many other companies specifically in the tech space should have
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I like how $DBX chose to save $ by setting up their own cloud infrastructure than rely on AWS. Highly underrated.