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Sometimes it helps to zoom out…compounding annual returns for a decade or more is what everyone is after. If the indices have yielded 10%++ why even bother with individual stocks beyond the 5-10 must have names that are changing everyone’s lives(you can decide for yourself which ones those are)?!

Following a simple macro perspective here:
  1. The US indices contains companies that operate globally and grow across industries. The world grows, as do these companies

  1. India has a massive middle class and lower middle class moving up in the world, combined with 10 years of structural and economic reform (think China 20 years ago). Huge spending on infrastructure, leapfrogging fixed connections and going wireless and renewables over fossil fuels, huge travel boom internally, and consumer lifestyle spending growth.

What’s your thought that
  1. the indian index may continue to outperform EM and established western markets in this decade?!
  2. Most of us will be better off investing in the index vs individual stocks for the next 3-5 years?

Not advice - do your own DD! 🙏🏽

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