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Seeing a lot of people trying to make sense of moves across many names, asset classes, rates, & global capital markets in general. What’s an example of this bias you’ve seen lately? (click photo to expand)
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Covid stimulus checks are often cited as the main driver of inflation, but I wonder how much ‘causality’ can be attributed to it. I don’t have enough expertise to have a strong opinion here, but it does make me curious.
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@nathanworden Love this one. “All the money entering the stock market are just people who didn’t need their stimmy checks and put it into Robinhood” made for a real sexy headline, but I called 🧢 immediately. Pretty ignorant for the people who really ran with that one, as it was rather easy to refute. Cantillon effect overall suggested that was a fraction of it
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@jensen exactly— it had some effect, but probably much much smaller than most people thought— likely a small fraction. Causation is perennially a stumbling block because many factors mixing together are what produce a result, and it’s tough to understand all the factors in detail.

Side note, love the use of “🧢” here 😄
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@nathanworden yep. There are tons of examples of this in the field of nutrition and health & wellness with living habits as well that are fun to discuss
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@jensen Agreed, that headline was straight 🧢. Most people weren’t investing their stimmy money imo but rather spending it on goods/services. Investment participation in the general population besides 401k contributions is pretty low from what i’ve experienced
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Someone comparing TSLA and EV batteries to the QWERTY keyboard.
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Love this visual