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Elon Musk announces new Twitter CEO
He says she'll be starting in 6 weeks.

The new CEO:
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Chip Lunderburg's avatar
Chip Lunderburg
@chip_lunderburgMay 11
Actual headline should be: "Elon Musk announces sex change"
Gary's avatar
@charityMay 11
Who do we think the new CEO is? Is Sheryl Sandburg available?
Joshua Simka's avatar
Joshua Simka
@tomatoMay 12
@charity Well Sandberg is leaving $META this fall... it would be an awesome next act for her!
Rihard Jarc's avatar
Rihard Jarc
@rihardjarcMay 12
@tomato Hope not! :D (as a $META shareholder )
StockOpine's avatar
@stockopineMay 12
Solid choice!
Buying Your Time's avatar
Buying Your Time
@buyingyourtimeMay 12
Top image of Elena is hot
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