Added to $NET and $S. Both remain very high conviction and long term plays for me.
Eric Pelnik's avatar
+1 to $NET. Still a bit expensive, but long term love that it's still founder led and constantly shipping new products
Umer's avatar
It is expensive but it’s worth the premium with the potential it has for the long term IMHO.
Dollars and Sense's avatar
$NET +15x Sales and $S +12x Sales. Really think you are going to make money buying at those valuations? They seem super stretched even for their level of revenue growth.
Jared Watson's avatar
Love $S at the current valuation. Earnings should be insightful next week
Reasonable Yield's avatar
Just had a quick morning scroll and you must be the 5th or 6th new person in my feed I have never seen before, this is great. Followed.
Umer's avatar
@reasonableyield thank you! Appreciate it.
Rihard Jarc's avatar
Like $NET as a business but the valuation still a big too high. Lesson learned for a lot of growth investors in 2022 is don't "overpay" no matter what.
Umer's avatar
@rihardjarc no doubt it is very expensive. The management is guiding 5x revenue in next few years and I’m very patent with my adds. Gradual and slow.
Rihard Jarc's avatar
@umerraja always good to have dry powder for a name like this I guess.
Joshua Simka's avatar
How have you sized these positions? I'm a fan of $NET too and have added recently to a fairly new position. Still a little skeptical of $S though and feel it needs to prove itself more. I prefer $CRWD for a cybersecurity play.
Umer's avatar
@tomato $NET is around 7% of my portfolio and $S is around 3%. $S is a high risk and pure growth play for me. Closely watching their DBNRR, so far it has been pretty impressive.

Definitely like $CRWD too.
Rahul Setty's avatar
$S growth is remarkable. Finally at a reasonable fwd multiple. Margins terrible but seemingly intentional