Performance 8/3/22
Up +3.30% for the day.

I added $1,000 to $QLD and $200 to $AMD

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Nice! 2.23 green here. I will be adding to $AMD as well in the near future. Let’s keep this rally going!
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curious what you're using to see that pie chart allocation? software or website?
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@jpc5 it’s the m1 finance app. Example:
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@hypescaleflow thank you. do you use this app as a main investment app? how do you like it?
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@jpc5 I’ve been using it since 2020 as my main account, and I like it a lot. It’s geared long term buy and hold investors so it has a lot intentional limitations like only have two trading windows, no stop limits, and having no option trading, but it’s great for grouping your holdings into sub portfolios and easily rebalance and automating regular buys into each pie, so it’s really great for dividend investors that have a DRIP setup for reinvesting dividends. It also has a great margin product with low rates and allows you to withdraw that money for personal usage so I have kinda like an emergency cash reserve.
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@hypescaleflow awesome, I like the idea of pie chart allocation that is advertised. gonna take a look at it this weekend. thanks for your input.