$KMB Earnings Quote 💩
Was reading through $KMB Q4 earnings call transcript and found this gem from CEO Michael Hsu:

“…not to say this on an earnings call, but the poop side of things, and so that's kind of the business we're in. And so we'll do miraculous things with poop.”

$KMB sees innovation and continued growth in their Huggies brands in ‘23. Especially in the world’s largest child care and child population area - China.

Just remember the children’s book “Everybody Poops” 😂
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The inevitable fact about babies haha
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As far as the overall baby diaper market share, it appears to have fallen from 11.9% to 7.5% since 2012. But maybe this is just because the overall market is growing? I wonder who has been taking market share.
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@nathanworden Pampers is the other primary market player. They’re manufactured by $PG, another one of my holdings

I have heard that Pampers is a better product, but I do not have any input on that. Could be why the Huggies market share is dropping.

Would be interesting to look up Pampers to see if it’s increasing at the same rate
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@scorebdinvestor Time to do some product testing! 😄 😅
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What percentage of Kimberly Clark's revenue comes from diapers?

I know they make Kleenex facial tissue and other sanitary products, but I wonder how much of their revenue Huggies accounts for.
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@nathanworden I’m not sure. I’ll have to look into this more. Skimming their 10-K and Investor Presentation, the individual contributors within their business segments aren’t broken out very clearly.
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@scorebdinvestor Thanks for looking! If you happen upon it, let me know!



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