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Sold VIX $22 Calls
5/17/2023 Exp, Opening
Bought VIX $23 Calls
5/17/2023 Exp, Opening
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Panic is temporary
Profiting over Mr. market's over reaction is eternal.

Made a downside bet that the VIX isn't going to hold over $20 over the next few weeks. Feels like taking candy from a baby.

Will add more if it rises up to $30-$50 but highly unlikely to occur.
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I have group chat called "long calls, short VIX"
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@darkfirexxi Did you see this one "Guru" who told his students to short the VIX and the Trustpilot review was "got margin called on the SPY dip" 😂
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@prometheus hahaha I did not see this! send me the original post
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@investmenttalk I swear I saw that guy in my hotel lobby



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