Remember when $META overpaid for Instagram and WhatsApp?

Remember when $GOOGL overpaid for Android and YouTube?

Remember when $MSFT overpaid for LinkedIn?

Well, $ADBE now overpaid for Figma :/ :/ :/

It's the same all over again. Bad acquisitions all over the place :( :(
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On one hand so many were saying what an excellent management team Adobe has, right before poo-pooing their decision to pay so much for this acquisition. I’ll continue trusting management. They obviously know more than I do about the fit, competition, and goals 5-10 years down the road. Added with glee like I usually do.
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$ADBE new exactly why they are paying so much to get Figma. I have no doubt that they have more insight into their business than random people watching from the outside. If you can eliminate your biggest competition what's the price of that.