ARK Innovation ETF - What is Disruptive Innovation?
Every month I am going to put $100 toward a portfolio for my future kids. August was the first month and the investment I made was in $ARKK , Ark's innovation ETF.

I choose this because if you're thinking long term, the best way to be directionally right about the future is to bet on disruptive innovation technologies that could take a lot of surprising turns and still end up being very valuable to society.

So what is "disruptive innovation?"

Its the introduction of a technologically enabled product or service that potentially changes the way the world works.

The companies that ARK has picked out for its ETF aim to capture the substantial benefits of these new products and services.

"Ok but what are you talking about actually? Give me an example!"

With pleasure. In fact, I'll give you all the examples. Here are the disruptive innovation technologies that Ark believes will shape the future:

Post mediaPost media

  • Scientific research in DNA technologies

  • Autonomous Technology (Robotics but also autonomous vehicles)

  • Energy Storage

  • Next Generation Internet Services

  • Technologies that make financial services more efficient

  • 3D Printing
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