"The Market" Stock Pitching Game is Tomorrow!
Here are the results from last month's game:

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It was a rough month! Only two stocks pitched last month ended in the positive for the month, and only Lineage Cell Therapeutics beat the S&P 500 for the month (The S&P 500 had a return of 3.5% since our last game)

Congratulations to Albert Kim @tenderquark for the best returning pitch!

Reminder! One month returns are not the ultimate goal for us investors, rather, we track our progress to "continually verify" our thesis. As Dennis Hong says "A long term thesis is made up of many short term accountabilities"

In "The Market" group chat I post the ongoing tracking for games held in the past year. So far the best pitch was one made back in December 2020 by @tyler, and is currently sitting on 200% returns since the date of the pitch.

Join the group chat channel here to find out which company that was:

And join us tomorrow for the next round of "The Market" at 5:30pm PST
Here is the Zoom link:

Our pitchers for tomorrow are:
Kyla Scanlon @kyla
Gannon Breslin @gannon
Marcus Eagan @marcussorealheis
Pat Connolly @pat_connolly
Jay Schlesinger @jays
Adam Grossman @grossmanadam
Christopher Seifel @chasinggreatness

See you there!
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Thanks to everyone who pitched last game!

Alex Sharp @ajsharp
Arjun Banerjee @ban3rg
Brad Thibeau @brad
Albert Kim @tenderquark
Aaron Kettl @aaronkettl
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Where is @jongall45’s pick? Or was that not last session? I can't recall :)
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Good catch @olympia! Just added Jon to the graphic! Redbubble is down 4% since the pitch last month.
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Amped this is going to be awesome
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Haha, my $APPN pick really pulled back over the past month, but I’m still bullish on them.
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@aaronkettl me too! Actually could be a buying opportunity.