2 stocks I am buying right now
The market is down, and there seems to be no hint that it will turn green. I am moving along the S&P 500 and losing a lot of money. I always planned my portfolio to have beta return, so I am quite happy with the downfall similar to S&P 500. Last month I am down 6.19%.

So, in these times, I am buying these two:

šŸŽ® $U
Price is changing the precipitation of the stocks - especially the growth stocks like $U. Unless they inform us something significant in Q1 2022 Earnings Report, I stand with my thesis that it is the best suited to be leader in interactive content creation platform and has upside potential of 6x by 2030.

šŸ„§ $VOO
As I mentioned I am not too greedy with my returns, all I want in my life is generate beta returns with higher dividends. So, I have been adding more stocks that is closer to beta or is benchmark itself, $VOO. I have made 19 trades of $VOO in last month itself.

Preston | Investor Insight's avatar
Thanks for sharing! I love $U and $VOO as well. Since you are investing in $VOO, have you considered investing in $SPY and selling covered calls against your positions for higher returns?

While $SPY has a higher expensive fee, it can generate much higher returns than $VOO if one sells covered calls all year.