Looking for Brokerage Suggestions
Hi All, I am looking for brokerage suggestions from those of you investing outside of the US?? Our show gets a fair amount of questions regarding what brokers they should use and my home bias comes home to roost to much, so I am was hoping anyone outside of the US could share with me what they think are the best options where they live and invest, whether it is your home country or outside of your home?

Then I can share that info with our audience, thank you for any suggestions 🙏🏻
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For the UK - Freetrade for beginner to intermediate, and Saxo Bank for those looking for wider coverage of markets and asset classes.
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Interactive Brokers is a good option
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@stockopine recently moved to IB mainly for their API solutions and I can confirm it is a pretty good option.
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@stockopine you beat me to it haha I highly suggest it too! IBKR has one of the widest reach on markets and low cost fees also (no payment for order flows)