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It looks like I will get my bond interest payment after all. If you follow me you probably aware I am doing a very risky bet on $BBBY bonds.

At this stage the company seems to have avoided (for now) the bankruptcy process and will be able to pay back some of the debts.

I don’t know how it will end up, but I still believe that high risk bonds are an interesting high risk investment 😊

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Junk bond mania!
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@acb123 yeah :) I understand it is a very risky investment, and anyway I allocate less than 1% of my net worth on it.
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I'm liking your ongoing updates about $BBBY! Please continue to keep us up to date. I was just in a Bed Bath & Beyond. Shelves practically empty. I couldn't help but wonder about/feel bad for the sales associates. I wouldn't want to stick around as an employee to see how things end up.
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@tomato I will... Bond rebound after the $1B injection of liquidity.. still far away for a decent pricing and still more than 1 year for expiration (1/8/2024) - let's stay at the window.

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Wohoo! Glad you won't get wiped out on the bond (probably)



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